All prices are per person. The garage or parking place for the motorcycle is basically free of charge. It is advisable to book the rooms early. We would be very pleased about your experiences and suggestions.

Navigation help

We have sorted all hotels first by country and then by region. You will find an overview map for each country or region: You can move the map section with the mouse or reduce or enlarge the section using the control elements on the top left of the maps.

You can also use the classic list view in the left column to navigate through countries, regions and hotels.

Classification of TF Hotels

The division of TF hotels into three categories should make it easier for you to find the right hotel for you. In each hotel entry, the region and place where the hotel is located are marked in the corresponding colour (orange, blue, green):

Orange Headline

It says that in these houses motorcyclists are very welcome guests, who are given special attention and are attuned to their needs house and host.

Blue heading

These houses offer a very high standard regarding service and motorcycle-specific equipment. Motorcyclists are regular guests, especially on weekends.

Green heading

These are houses in which (almost) without exception motorcyclists are guests, and everything revolves exclusively around the topic of motorcycles.